Letter To An Old Friend

Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad for that. – Ally Condie

Dear ex-friend, I’m sorry it ended like that. Our friendship that spanned years that we bonded over things and listened to each other’s problems. But it changed. We changed. We changed in ways that I wish I could say don’t matter but I don’t want to lie to you, to myself. We grew apart and ended up wanting very different things out of life, having different views of the world. There’s nothing wrong with having another view from mine. I quite enjoy having a friends who want think in a way I want to understand. However, with you, it was different because I saw you going down a path that I know would cause you pain yet when people showed concerned you acted as if they were jealous, unwilling to understand. Then you got angry when we didn’t pay attention to an event

I never meant to grow apart and for it to end the way it did. But sometimes that is life. Friends come and go, family disappoints and surprise you, others leave skid marks across your path that show you their mistakes that you avoid or repeat. I hope you know that no matter how it ended, no matter how it felt as the chapter closed on this friendship, I wouldn’t ever want to erase it or wish it hadn’t been written. We shared a lot, had some adventures together. They still mean the world to me. They shaped you I am, started me off on a journey I could have never predicted. You are a good person and I respect you with my entire world even if we ended up in different galaxies. I can’t say that for all my friends who no longer call themselves my allies but I truly mean it for you.

We were both at fault. We had our differences. I can be stubborn, base decisions of emotions instead of logic. I can get intense because of my feelings. We are human. Humanity isn’t supposed to be perfect, empires have fallen based on emotions. Friendships can be given with a smile and taken away with a click of a button. No matter what, we grew together even if we ended up going in different directions, bloomed into different people. So thank you for being in my life at any point, for shaping me into the person I am now and helping me on my journey to grow. Perhaps one day our paths will lead us back in the same direction. Until then, I shall carve your name in the armor I wear against the world, a mark to reflect how you inspired me and helped shape me as a person.





One thought on “Letter To An Old Friend

  1. Very touching. I’m sorry your friendship ended, but it was nice to read that you’ll cherish the memories and appreciate them. I hope she realizes she was lucky to have you in her life too.

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