Tracey McConnell- The Mother from CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother”

I am putting this one under the read more since there are GIANT spoilers for the HIMYM series finale

I will have to admit that the first fictional lady I was planning on featuring was not Tracey. She was on my list of course but after last night’s HIMYM finale, I feel the need to talk about her and how wonderful of a character she is in a show that I loved so much only to have been so angry with the ending of the series that the show is forever tainted. Now I have a lot of problems with the ending of the series but I am not going to go into those right now. I am here to focus on the wonderful character who was only with the viewers for a season but will forever remain in the hearts of many.

The Mother, whose name was revealed to be Tracey McConnell last night, was introduced at the very end of the eighth season and she was the cutest person I could have imagined. Right then, with a few second introduction, I knew she would fit the show, people’s expectations of the mother, with not just Ted but the whole group. I had never been more excited at the end of a season before and for what would come in the finale season. When the finale season started, she met Lily and Tracey won my heart all over again. She is quirky, friendly, fun, and a ray of sunshine in so many ways. She won Lily over with cookies and listening to her problems when Lily needed to talk to someone but no one was there to listen. She complimented Ted without copying him or even meeting him in my opinion.

Since that first meeting, I feel more and more in love with her. She became more precious to me than any of the original cast to be honest. Then came her background episode and I was done for because she was an inspiration to me. On her 21st birthday, she lost who she thought was the love of her life. She struggled for years to move on from the boyfriend taken from her after three years together. She moved through the timeline not falling in and out of love with every person she came across like Ted. She relied on her friends until she realized that she had a lot still left to accomplish and she wanted to change the world, she wanted to end world hunger. She devoted herself to that, to her dreams, to herself.  She went back to school, worked on her interests and hobbies, still made time for friends, and started a band that becomes the biggest wedding band in NYC. She opened up to people and considered them to be good friends. She was going to give her cello to needy children. Then she meets a nice guy and takes a chance by going out with him. When she doesn’t love him and he proposes, she says no and walks away. She fears being lonely but she still says no because they both deserve better than that. She finally lets go of the pain of lost love with a beautiful speech and she opens herself up to the possibility of a love of her life again.

She helps all these strangers find their way to what they want, to solutions to their problems, to the help they need in the moment they meet her. She told Barney that he was a good guy and whatever was happening, that was hurting him would end with hi being alright and that was after he made an inappropriate comment to get to her in a convenience store one night. She meets Ted and she gives so much of her heart to him and her kids. But she goes on to graduate, write a book, be there for her friends, and so much more. She finds the love of her life and she shines at being loved as well as loving everyone around her. She gets 10 years with him and less with her kids. She falls sick and even then you see her comforting Ted on their last getaway, as he reads to her as she smiles at him from her hospital bed. Everything she lost, everything she endured lead not to her giving up, but it kept her going, moving forward giving love to the word. She brings back Robin when Robin drifted away. She believed in Robin when the rest of the gang wasn’t so sure if they really had a place in Robin’s life. She was made of love, she gave love to those who wanted it, who needed it when they didn’t even know and when they thought they didn’t deserve it.

Her story ended in a blink of an eye, with her death but her love lingers in her children, in her husband, in her friends, in the very title of the show even if the show made her love story with Ted a speed bump on Ted and Robin’s story. She was so much like her yellow umbrella, a ray of light who covered and protected those around her, who helped all the characters weather through the bad times and who they can hold onto in their hearts before they met her and after they lost her.

Losing her was the hardest part of the finale and I am still grieving her unlike the characters of the show whose stories are over with now. She taught me a lot in what little time I knew her. I am going to try to open myself up to people which is something I have a hard time doing. I am going to try to let go off any pain or loss that I feel and I will continue to love her. Thank you so much for being such an amazing character and helping me grow Tracey.

I leave you with this. Her beautiful rendition of La Vie En Rose.

Tracey McConnell. You may be dead in the show but you will live on in my heart. I love you, lionhearted lady.

the mother


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