In Honor of My Good Friend Merricat

“Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch.”
― Catherynne M. ValenteIn the Night Garden

In honor of her birthday today and the fact she introduced me to the concept of a lionhearted girl (for which I will be forever grateful), my first featured inspiring real life lady is my good friend Merricat. I was blessed to meet this real life bewitching princess on my first out of country trip to Vancouver, BC Canada (which was the most beautiful place I have ever seen and I have lived all over the Unites States on some of the prettiest beaches as a military brat of a U.S. Coast Guard member).

I don’t want to post any pictures of my friends without their expressive consent but let me assure you that Merricat is one of the most beautiful young women I have ever seen. However, as pretty as she is on the outside, that is only a fraction of how utterly dazzling she is as a person. She is kind, intelligent, loving, sassy, and truly talented with a needle and thread.

I remember meeting her on a Wednesday. My two friends and I had flown to Vancouver, BC because we wanted to see this breathtaking place that has been featured in some of our favorite shows. We heard one of our favorite actors was on set so we got in a cab at hotel after landing not even an hour before and headed to the beautiful village of Steveston. As we stood, watching the show film in front of us, I noticed this pretty group of girls standing about a block down the street. My first thought was that they may have been the coolest looking group of girls I had ever seen as they stood laughing about something. One of the girls had the one the coolest tattoos I had ever seen on her arm. (They all had awesome tattoos and they are all very dear to me as friends. They really are the coolest group of girls ever. All of whom I will most definitely talk about one this blog. Even in that moment I knew they were all ladies after my heart.) This girl’s tattoo was Alice in Wonderland, which is one of my favorite pieces of literature in the entire world. I think I looked at her tattoo for at least a full minute because I thought it was so pretty. Luckily, she didn’t see me or she would have thought I was creepy and we probably wouldn’t have become friends!

It was a bit later as a bunch of people stood around when I noticed the girl with the Alice tattoo was in front of my friends and I chatting with one of the other girls from the group. For reference, I tend to be shy when I first meet someone. Most of the time I introduce myself and say it is nice to meet a person. Every once in a while will throw in a compliment because I like something they have but I tend to clam up especially if I am in a new place. By some unusual boost of confidence, when they turned around, I had the guys to talk to them and I told her I loved her tattoo. That weekend I got to hang out with the cool chicks from California (my home state that I left behind a long time ago) and I got to know some of the most interesting people in the world. If I had to chose the one compliment that I gave that paid off the most in my entire life, it would have been telling Merricat that I liked her tattoo.

Her tattoo is whimsical, fun, daring, bold, colorful yet surrounded in delicate black swirls. It is her in a nutshell. She has an edge of a girl who can take on the world with a hair flip of dark brown tresses, a smile, and a twirl o a floral skirt. She creates flower crowns that can adorn the head of a girl finding her inner princess as she challenges all those who doubt her abilities and try to make her doubt what makes her an individual. She cares so much for those who mean a lot to her and welcomes people into her arms with a smile and a hug.

She’s not afraid to be fierce to cute down her enemies with logic. She’s deadly with her words and looks. She’s like the moon, beautiful and radiating life. Yet she is covered in darkness, her dangerous beauty entraps you and makes you worship her. She doesn’t let dark edges control her; she control’s them herself, a goddess who walks on earth’s surface learning the lay of the land so she can build her empire high above those who try to keep her down. She is a witch with power to create as much as she can destroy.

She inspires me to be creative and to be courageous, to be brave enough to do what is best for me, what is healthiest for my soul. She is my beautiful bewitching princess who I am so thankful that fate, destiny, god, whatever you believe in brought us to the same place so our paths could cross. She introduced me to the concept of a lionhearted girl, of a woman who has the heart to face her fears and continue on, of a person who is wise enough to know which path is easiest and what path you should take as well as the ability to tell when the paths are the same and when they are different.

Merricat is a blessing I never expected. For so long, I felt more like the cowardly lion lost in the forest of Oz than someone who could be placed in the house of Gryffindor (I actually belong to Ravenclaw but before I knew her, before she inspired me, it never seemed like a remote possibly that I could even relate to the house of a savior). For her, I dedicate this blog. Words are how I create, how I express myself the way she does with fashion. I vow to be brave enough to believe in myself, in my ability to create. I owe you a lot for believing in m, for allowing me to be your friend, to be inspired by you. I will write and I promise I will think of you being there as I discovered I had a lionheart inside me all along, I just needed the bravery to be look inside myself, to shed the demure princess who hesitated to speak out and become the Queen I know lives in my heart, bravery entwined with my soul if only I opened myself up to who I could be, who I am meant to become.

If anyone doubts how amazing talented my beautiful bewitching moon goddess is, here is a cosplay she made for Belle from Once Upon A Time:

Merricat’s Cosplay:                             Belle’s Actual Costume:



If you want to see her awesome flower crowns, you can visit her amazing Esty shop: MiceInTheTea. Go on and send her some love. She deserves it!

Happy birthday, Merricat! May you have a day you do, so amazing its out of the world that reaches the moon and the masquerade in your lichen castle! ❤


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